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1952: Mr Jalal Almeer and his cousin, Mr Abdul Rahman Almeer, established a business partnership to engage in the import and distribution of food items from neighbouring Gulf States and other countries such as India. 

The Almeer partnership responded to the post-war development of Bahrain by expanding their activities into the import and distribution of sanitaryware and tiles. An office and showroom was established in the Manama souq.


1972:The sharp rise in oil prices resulted in a construction boom in Bahrain, with a huge demand for building materials and equipment. Seizing the opportunity, the Almeer partnership entered into another new line of business with the establishment of the Building Materials Store, which also provided building and plumbing contracting services. The business secured the sole agency for the JRG Saniplex pipe-in-pipe plumbing system from Switzerland. Mr Jalal Almeer travelled extensively to Lebanon, India, China, Spain, Italy and the UK to secure further agencies. These included Twyford Shires sanitaryware, mixers from the UK, and kitchen fittings from Scotland, to name just a few.


1982: Following the death of Mr Abdul Rahman Almeer, the remaining partner, Mr Jalal Almeer, changed the business status to that of Sole Proprietorship in the name of Almeer Trading Establishment.

1984: Almeer Trading opened a new store in Muharraq to cope with rising demand. Another store was opened in Maameer the following year, which was the largest in Bahrain at the time.

1984: Almeer anticipated the need by Bahrainis on low-to-medium incomes for conveniently situated community supermarkets offering quality food at affordable prices, by opening the first Almuntazah Market. The adoption of a new brand – Almuntazah – instead of Almeer, reflected the Group’s new retail consumer audience. Over the past 25 years, the Almuntazah footprint has been extended across the country with a further 10 supermarkets, making it the most popular supermarket chain in the country.

1985: Following the success of the first Almuntazah Market, the Almeer Wholesale Division (now Almeer Distribution) was established for the import, wholesaling and distribution of food and non-food items to satisfy growing demand.


1995: With demand for non-food items outgrowing space at the first Almuntazah Market in Muharraq, the Almuntazah Trading Centrewas established. A dedicated showroom was opened adjacent to the supermarket, selling non-food items such as stationery, kitchenware, giftware and other household items. Stocking inexpensive products from India, China, Turkey, Italy and other countries, there were long queues when the shop first opened its doors.

1995: To meet the needs of the expanding organisation, Almeer embarked upon a major automation of its business. Almuntazah Computers was established, and secured the agency for computers from Australia, which were assembled at Jebel Ali. As well as meeting Almeer’s internal needs, Almuntazah Computers also supplied external customers. The Company was closed in 2008 when Almeer decided to focus on its core businesses.


2000: This year witnessed the sad demise of the Group’s co-founder, Mr Jalal Almeer. His three sons took over the running of the business.

2000: Almeer was approached by the Saudi Arabian-based Herfy fast food restaurant chain, which was looking to expand into other parts of the GCC. They selected Almeer for the Bahrain franchise due to its successful supermarket business and its knowledge of the retail food sector. To date, three outlets have been opened in Manama, Hoora and Muharraq. 

2005: In line with its strategy to explore new business opportunities in sectors where there is quantifiable and sustainable demand, Almeer established Almuntazah Travels, which is an IATA-accredited travel agency. This business proved to be highly successful from the start, serving the public as well as Almeer employees. There are now three branches in operation.

2007:Almeer Training Centre was initially established to serve the needs of Almeer’s fast expanding supermarket business and other activities. It was then opened to external customers, and has carved a leading niche in providing theoretical and practical training for the retail sector.

2008: With six main businesses having been successfully established, it was decided to group these under one corporate umbrella, supported by centralised shared services such as finance, human resources and administration, information technology, imports and warehousing, and marketing. Accordingly, the legal status of the company was changed, and the Almeer Group was established.

2012: Yet another golden feather added to the crown of Almeer Group by securing the franchise of Segafredo Espresso which is a global net work of Italian Café serving pure Italian coffee.

2015:Almuntazah Express was adopted to Almuntazah Family

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