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About us

In 2007, the Almeer Training Center was initially established to serve the growing needs of the Group’s fast expanding supermarket business and other activities, and provide professional training and development opportunities for Group staff. The Center is a fully-accredited training institute, and is regulated by the Bahrain Government’s Quality Assurance Authority for Education & Training.

In response to market demand, the Center then opened its doors to external customers. It has quickly carved a leading niche in providing a unique combination of theoretical and practical training for the retail sector, with customers comprising commercial companies and family businesses; and government ministries and other public sector institutions.

The Center’s core retail sector focus covers a wide range of related disciplines and activities. Customised training is provided for staff involved in areas including human resources, IT, finance, purchasing, logistics, inventory control, storekeeping, sales and merchandising, and customer service; as well as for cashiers, check-out assistants and other store-based staff. 

 Drawing upon the Group’s widespread resources and unrivalled experience in the retail sector, Almeer Training Center is uniquely placed to offer practical on-the-job experience as well as theoretical, classroom-based training. The majority of training is IT-based, with the Center being able to capitalise on the Group’s extensive experience and expertise in utilising the latest information and communications technologies. With over 30 locations, Almeer Group has the third-largest networked IT system in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Almeer Training Center has established an agreement with the UK-based City & Guilds of London Institute to provide students and trainees with internationally-recognised professional accreditation and certification. This will help to raise overall standards within the retail sector, and provide young Bahrainis with meaningful employment and career opportunities in one of the fastest-growing sectors in the Kingdom. Such aspirations are in line with Bahrain’s Economic Vision 2030, which seeks to build a secure and prosperous future for all citizens.


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